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Allison TC10 to aim at road tractor market

Allison’s TC10 transmission combines a torque converter with a sophisticated 10-speed mechanical gearbox to achieve easy starts and smooth, fast shifting. To be available in about a year, the TC10 will provide performance and fuel economy superior to that of competitors’ products, company representatives said.

More properly called TC10 TS (for tractor series), it will be aimed primarily at short-haul and regional tractors that run on-highway but see a lot of gear shifting, as well as some vocational tractors that don’t go off road.

As a transmission for Class 8 tractors, the TC10 will complement but not replace Allison’s fully automatic 4000 RDS (rugged duty series) transmissions that see on/off-road service in straight trucks.

Along with “torque converter,” TC in the name also means “twin countershaft,” the main gearbox’s mechanical layout. Power flow alternates among the counter- and main shafts, depending on what gear it’s in.

Engine power is continuously delivered via wet clutches: five in the main 5-speed gearbox and two in the 2-speed range box. The range box also uses planetary gears and a synchronizer for forward to reverse shifts. “Power shifting” means a constant flow of power and torque during gear changes, which contributes to brisk acceleration and fuel savings.

It will initially be rated for use with engines making up to 600 horsepower and 1,650 pound-feet. A higher torque rating will follow.

Higher-capacity Meritor trailer suspensions

Meritor unveiled the newest suspension family members – the MTA25 (25,000-pound capacity) and MTA30 (30,000-pound capacity) – to its product line of trailing-arm air ride trailer suspension systems.

The suspensions are designed for North America truck and trailer operators in various vocational markets. Both are available with the company’s new optional lift kit. This is a quick-response system that lets MTA users efficiently raise select axles, which improves maneuverability and extends tire life. Available in painted or galvanized finishes, the lift kit attaches easily and can be installed as original equipment or field retrofit.

More efficient brake shoe rebuilding

Brake Machinery Sales says it has developed a radically improved truck brake shoe system.

The BMS GripRite system coordinates the functions of six separate machines into an integrated solution that can cut the time it takes to remanufacture a brake shoe from 60 seconds to 15 seconds, according to the company.

The new system better integrates the cleaning machine, de-riveter machine, shot-blast machine, the prep paint station, the coining machine (optional), and the riveter/re-liner machine.

According to the company, the new system will result in a higher- quality, more consistent, longer-life brake shoe, with half the labor input and a 25% lower cost.

Bi-fuel conversion approved for 2004 C15

GreenMan Technologies’ American Power Group subsidiary has government approval for a clean alternative-fuel vehicle and engine conversion program involving the 2004 Caterpillar C15 engine family.

The Environmental Protection Agency approved APG’s submission for an Outside Useful Life Heavy Duty program. It uses APG’s latest V5000 dual fuel turbocharged natural gas design.

This first OUL Heavy Duty Diesel EPA approval gives APG a path for additional submissions of conversion programs for an array of heavy-duty aftermarket diesel truck engines.

APG’s aftermarket dual fuel system converts diesel engines to seamlessly displace 40% to 60% of the normal diesel fuel consumption with compressed natural gas, liquid natural gas, pipeline gas, well-head gas, or bio-methane gas, for an average net fuel cost savings of 20% to 30%, according to the company.

APG’s system is non-invasive to the OEM engine and operates within all OEM performance controls, with the flexibility to return to 100% diesel operation at any time.

Bosch Long Haul Extreme alternator

The Bosch heavy-duty Long Haul Extreme brushed alternator is designed to provide superior power output on the road and at idle as well as increased battery life and significant fuel savings.

The alternator eliminates the need for brushless technology, has a longer life and weighs up to 34% less than brushless alternators, according to the company.

The Long Haul’s high charge rate at lower engine rpm prolongs battery life by reducing deep cycling. Two versions produce, respectively, 170 and 200 amps at 6,000 alternator rpm operating output, and 120 and 122 amps at 2,000 alternator rpm.

Dana aftermarket drivetrains

Dana announced a new line of SVL drivetrain components. Designed for older (post-warranty) vehicles, SVL products offer quality replacement parts for vehicles with lower usage cycles.

The SVL product line will initially launch in North America and feature universal joints for the light- and commercial-vehicle markets, and ring and pinion gear sets for heavy-duty applications.

Shortly following the launch, Dana will begin offering SVL-branded light-duty axle components.

Additional components and regional availability will be determined based on market demand.

Marathon HS20 premium brake linings

Marathon Brake released a premium-grade HeatStar20 brake lining, rated for 20,000-pound axle loads. The linings are ideal for a wide range of over-the-road hauling applications, says the company.

Marathon’s HeatStar20 formulation provides a long-life friction material that lowers cost per mile and reduces overall brake maintenance costs. High-density friction improves the lining’s ability to efficiently handle heat, the most critical component in a friction material’s fade, recovery and wear.

HS20 meets federal regulations for brake effectiveness, fade and recovery.

Alliance heavy-duty EZ-Assist clutch

Alliance Truck Parts added an EZ-Assist clutch designed for work truck applications that require severe torque transfer for extremely heavy loads.

The EZ-Assist line of clutches require 35% less pedal effort than traditional cast angle spring clutches to engage and disengage, which means less leg fatigue. EZ-Assist clutches are available in torque ratings of 1,400, 1,650, 1,850 and now 2,050 pounds-feet.

Eaton Reman transmissions

Eaton increased the availability and coverage of its Reman transmissions through the addition of a new Flex Reman line.

Both Eaton’s standard and Flex Reman models are made entirely with genuine Eaton technology and are performance-tested to Eaton standards. However, the Flex Reman transmissions differ from Eaton’s standard Reman transmissions in three key ways:

– No clutch housing (shipped with new gasket);

– Standard shift bar housing (forward shift bar housing available);

– Cover a range of torque.

Kinedyne Pro-Grade Tarp Ties

Kinedyne introduced a new line of professional-grade tarp ties, designed for strength, durability and toughness regardless of workload, weather and environmental factors.

The Polar Natural Rubber Tarp Tie with the blue logo was designed to withstand frigid temperatures and severe winter weather conditions.

The Tiger EPDM Rubber Tarp Tie (synthetic) with the orange logo was designed to withstand the day-to-day environmental exposure to heat found in warmer climates.

Sentinel Pressure Monitoring

September Forged Wheels introduced the Sentinel Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

The TPMS provides real-time monitoring of the tractor tires. Sensors are mounted in the inside of the valve stem and protected from the environment and theft. The sensors send an RF signal to the LCD display located in the cab.

The unit includes 10 wireless sensors, one monitoring unit, antenna and mounting hardware. Battery life on wheel monitors last 7 years.

International brand brake drums

Navistar introduced International brake drums, a private label branded line of brake drums manufactured to Navistar OE specifications.

Many models of the new International brake drums feature machined-to-balance engineering, and lean manufacturing techniques, resulting in 2 to 4 pounds weight savings per drum, and improved heat dissipation when compared to traditional designs. This delivers improved cost per mile, and a longer life expectancy through an improved heat transfer process and anti-corrosion protection, according to the company.

Grote LED side turn lamps

Grote’s new side turn lamps are suitable for multiple applications, including aerodynamic skirts, restricted space between frame rails, and locations where a separate mounting flange is not practical.

The lamps come in three styles – grommet-mount, integrated flange-mount, and compact surface-mount – each with a choice of male pin or hard shell connectors.

The lamps feature the latest aerodynamic shaping and hidden LED electronic circuitry.

Making tire inflation easier, safer

Ken-Tool introduced the EZ Tire Rotator, a roller insert for popular tire inflation cages.

The Ken-Tool 36014-T114 EZ Tire Rotator roller insert im­proves the technician’s safety and efficiency while inflating a heavy-duty tire in a safety inflation cage.

The patent-pending EZ Tire Rotator cage accessory allows the service tech to roll the mounted wheel and tire into the cage. By simply rotating the wheel/tire assembly, the valve stem can be correctly positioned for pressurizing the tire.

The technician does not have to physically lift or remove the wheel and tire from the cage and roll it around to reposition the valve stem to get the proper orientation.

It also helps prevent a technician’s hand from being pinched when attaching a clip-on air chuck.

Red Dot A/C for truck sleepers

Red Dot now offers the Sleeping Well Arctic 2000 Plus, a battery-powered auxiliary air-conditioning system for commercial trucks. Features include an all-12-volt system with twin compressors; upgraded system diagnostics; and a wireless remote control with an “option” button to reduce compressor speed and extend battery life. Maximum power consumption is 55 amp/hr, a 26% reduction compared to the previous version. The Arctic 2000 Plus provides up to 6,150 Btu/hr of cooling and can maintain a comfortable temperature inside the vehicle for 10 to 12 hours in typical use.

Onboard scale for mechanical suspensions

TruckWeight introduced an onboard scale for mechanical suspension systems that can be quickly, easily and inexpensively mounted as an aftermarket installation.

The new Mechanical Suspension Onboard Scale requires no welding or special tools and can typically be installed in one hour on tractors and trailers with walking beam, leaf-spring and other mechanical suspensions.

Targeted primarily for refuse, aggregate and logging vehicles, the new product consists of a set of strain gauges or sensors, transmitters and a handheld receiver. With a range of 500 feet, the receiver displays axle group and gross vehicle weight readings in three-second intervals, essentially providing real-time truck weights.

Espar anti-idle heater

Espar Heating Systems introduced the E-Delivery Truck Kit anti-idle heater.

This all-inclusive kit comes with Espar’s 17,000-Btu Hydronic 5 fuel-operated engine pre-heater in aluminum covered box, a set-and-forget programmable timer and multi-function dash-mounted switch to allow for on-demand heat while operators are on delivery.

Betts spring-loaded mudflap hangers

Betts Spring introduced the Smart A17 spring-loaded mud flap hangers to replace older product lines.

Smart A17 Technology offers lightweight, corrosion-resistant mud flap hangers with extended lifecycles. The design uses an open-wound coil springs with a high recovery rate. Improved performance is complemented by a 5% weight reduction over current spring-loaded mud flap designs.

Reyco Granning improves 86AR Slider

Reyco Granning announced two changes to the 86AR Slider series that will make the suspensions more cost-efficient and quicker to install.

The 48-inch subframes now come standard with air tank brackets to accommodate a jumbo tank, 12-inch OD, with mounting holes 29.5 inches center-to-center. The brackets feature a forward and rearward mounting position to allow for individualized preference. The 86AR removes the need to weld on brackets and repaint before installation.

Two elongated holes have been added to the side rail end caps to facilitate mounting mudflap brackets.

Wheel heat warning label

Esco’s Hot Wheel wheel heat indicator label warns drivers, maintenance personnel, and safety inspectors of possible wheel-end, bearing and brake failure during walk around inspections.

The Hot Wheel decal is attached to the wheel/rim by self adhesives. When the temperature of the wheel reaches 250 degrees, the temperature-sensitive white arrow changes and remains bright orange, warning of an overheated wheel condition. After the wheel problem has been corrected a new Hot Wheel decal must be installed.

While Hot Wheel will not indicate every instance of a wheel-end component malfunction, it will indicate excess temperature for prolonged periods that could cause decreased function or failure of wheel-end components.

Phillips CSA kit

Phillips’ new CSA Qwik-Fix Kit can help fleets reduce roadside violations by organizing popular repair parts packaged in a handy carry bag so drivers have what they need at their finger tips.

Under the federal government’s new CSA safety regime, some easy-to-fix electrical and braking system problems found during roadside checks can add up to high scores for fleets and their drivers.

The Phillips CSA Qwik-Fix Kit includes 12 popular parts to fix most electrical problems associated with downtime and problems that could lead to CSA penalty points. There’s also room to add parts that your particular vehicles routinely need.

Updated Wabco Toolbox

Meritor Wabco Vehicle Control Systems updated its Toolbox diagnostic software.

New features in Toolbox 10.0 include: OnGuard diagnostics; generic inputs and outputs for RSSplus; and Hill Start Aid for tractor ABS Diagnostics.

Toolbox 10.0 provides diagnostics and troubleshooting for many Meritor Wabco products, such as ABS, Trailer RSSplus, electronic leveling valves, and OnGuard Collision Safety Systems.

From the October/November 2011 issue of HDAJ.

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