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Diesel Drops 2.8 cents Over the Past Week; Oil Prices Stabilize

Diesel prices continue to drop while oil prices seem to be stabilizing in the absence of negative economic news. Photo by Jim Park.

Diesel prices continued their week over week decline, dropping nearly three cents from last week’s national average price. The national average price for diesel was $3.721 per gallon, down 2.8 cents from last week.

Oil prices, on the other hand, gained just $10 over the past week, closing at $85.81 a barrel in New York on Tuesday afternoon — a modest week-to-week gain by historical standards.

Tuesday’s 40-cent rise continued the crude market’s rebound from a one-year low set a week ago. Crude has gained more than 13% from that point on hopes for a resolution to the European debt crisis, encouraging fundamental petroleum data and U.S. economic news that wasn’t as bad as expected. In the absence of any dominant economic data or news reports Tuesday, the market largely stayed put.

Despite a 14.7-cent decline over the past five weeks, diesel is still more than 65 cents higher than it was this time one year ago, and 40.3 cents below the year’s high of $4.124, set in early May.

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10/12/2011 – Diesel Drops 2.8 cents Over the Past Week; Oil Prices Stabilize

Diesel prices continued their week over week decline, dropping nearly three cents from last week’s national average price. The national average price for diesel was $3.721 per gallon, down 2.8 cents from last week. …

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Omnitek Engineering has signed a letter of intent with San Clemente, Calif.-based Go Natural Gas to form a strategic alliance to facilitate diesel-to-natural gas truck engine conversions through turnkey programs and services….

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9/27/2011 – Big Drop for Diesel; Oil Under Pressure; Libya Returns

National on-highway diesel prices dropped 4.7 cents on average from last week, accelerating from the previous week’s 2.9 cent drop. Diesel was $3.786 per gallon….

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9/20/2011 – Diesel, Oil Prices Down

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Worldwide energy consumption will grow by 53% between 2008 and 2035, according to a report by the Energy Information Administration….

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9/13/2011 – Diesel Down; Oil Up Despite Demand Slide; Europe on the Brink

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Sales of trucks powered by natural gas will grow faster than the rest of the North American Market over the next several years, according to Frost Sullivan, an industry analysis firm.

A new report predicts that North American sales of Class 6-8 LNG and CNG vehicles will rise to nearly 30,000 by 2017. That’s up from just 1,950 last year, slightly less than 1% of North American sales….

9/9/2011 – Shell Pursues LNG in North America

Shell announced plans to promote liquefied natural gas in North America, including a partnership with Westport Innovations and providing LNG in Canada….

9/9/2011 – EIA Short Term Energy Outlook: Growth is Slowing, Fuel Will Go Up

The Energy Information Administration has significantly changed its predictions based on slower economic growth, and expects fuel prices to rise next year….

9/7/2011 – Diesel Prices Up, Crude Down

Diesel prices were up nearly 5 cents a gallon this week, to $3.868 per gallon nationwide, according to the Energy Department’s weekly figures….

9/7/2011 – SoCalGas, Oberon Fuels to Produce DME

Southern California Gas Co. and Oberon Fuels, a San Diego based low-emission alternative fuels company, will team up to design and build the first commercial facility in the United States to produce Dimethyl Ether from natural gas for use as a transportation fuel….

8/30/2011 – Diesel Up Slightly; Crude Oil Surges

National on-highway diesel prices rose last week for the first time in over a month, but only by 1 cent to $3.82….

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